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vendredi, février 1 2019

John colonise enfin façon Attila

War, what is it good for ? Board-games it turns out! By this I do not mean that war has developed the game industry, like it did for example computer science or aviation. Though if you want my opinion, and why would you not ? I am renown for being of "those ones" in the Gamerkin club. "Those ones" being those members of our most illustrious group that play war games, such as Warhammer. Wargames such as Quartermaster are played by many of our members which is one of the points I was originally trying to make, so back to our side tracking! So as I was saying in my opinion, had we, instead of killing ourselves most passionately, spent the time producing scientists and thinkers, rather than killers, could we not still be as far as we are technologically ? But then without wars... Would there be war games ?

Settlers Settlers - Jeu de colonisation sauf....

And so back to the main point: Games about war or conflict are pretty neat! For the last couple of weeks I have been playing "civilization games" both of which were won by the player that was the most warlike. The first "Patchistory" was one by a mighty empire lead by both Caesar and Napoleon and a militarist industry. I intend to have my revenge on the evil warmongering Davy, so I will have the opportunity to write fully on the game at a later date. This week I played "Imperial Settlers" or "Settlers, Naissance d'un empire". Graphically, being a huge fan of the video game series of the same name, I was charmed by the cute cartoon like style, whats more ? The art style is drawn on cards! I do like me some cards. So this card game is an empire building game, here you build it by literally building the various properties of your settlers. The reason I avoided the repetition of build last sentence was not due to my skills as a writer, but in fact because I played as the barbarians! So whilst my competitors around the table were building castles, pyramids, Ninja schools or whatever the heck our president Manu was doing, I was training raiders. And war bands. Basically my whole empire consisted of one shrine to the gods and two scouting towers. I added a couple of houses on the very last turn (the fifth) which allowed me to score the very last several points needed to win the game. But all in all. War won the day!

My dearest friend Olivier might have a well thought opinion on what it means for us players to enjoy a good war game. The sending of various numbers of people, depending on the game, to their death for the glory of our victory. I'll just say it really is a lot of fun to play anything at the Gamerkins ! Except maybe Quartermaster... Still not sure about that one...

vendredi, janvier 4 2019

Time what is time... John? An answer ?

Similar to my incomprehension of the song by Blind Guardian, I am unsure as to what happened on this Thursday evening. It all started, as most winter's tales do, on a quiet and cold night. The air cold with the promise of coming frost, shadowy figures could be seen darting from street light to street light before doing a mad dash for the pool of light, warmth and comfort that is the Gamerkins hideout. Once inside all thought of the bone chilling atmosphere is forgotten. For all Gamerkin smile at you as you enter and greet them warmly. All ? Yes all! Even the dastardly Olivier. Anyhow I am losing track of the point of this story with all these recollections of happy new year wishes and good will. Because once all the tables were set, the Gamers inside and the hellos spoken. Game on. Swords are drawn. Teeth sharpened. Friendships broken. Spirits destroyed. This is not Sparta. It is worst. It's a table of "Quartermaster".

Some kept enjoying themselves cleaning windows in Azul. Smiling and laughing and merrily scoring their points here and there. One table away though war was being prepared. The second world war to be exact. Only... Time is not a constant it seems at the Gamerkins. And though the Allies in fact won both games we played. They won... Strangely at best.

The first game was not utterly unthinkable. Germany rather than pushing hard westward decided to annihilate the Soviet Union. I was Germany, and I annihilated. However in the process the U.K. and U.S.A took over all of Europe. In fact in that scenario not only did the Allies win, there would never have been a cold war either as the U.S.S.R was all but destroyed. The second game took another stranger turn. The Soviet Union declared total war on Western Europe, and whilst Italy and Germany expanded after cleaning up the red tide, the U.S and U.K. well... Decided that E.U. really wasn't worth it to be perfectly honest and instead took over the rest of the world.
So if you are a learned woman or man, please explain to me: How do such amicable friends become such avid enemies on the same evening ? What the hell are Blind Guardian talking about in a song, I think, about a movie I barely remember other than good old Harrison Ford starred in it. Why is it the Gamerkin is such an incredibly wonderful place to be every Thursday night ?

All I know is that we all wish each other a grand new year, full of games and laughs. We also wish the same to you. Happy year 2019

jeudi, décembre 27 2018

John en charlatan.... J'ai du mal comprendre...

Charlot le rigolo est un des plus grand héros de mon adolescence. Non pas que j'étais adolescent pendant son existence, la preuve ? Que je sache personne ne l'a jamais appelé "Charlot le rigolo". Néanmoins ce personnage incongru du cinéma muet (et des talkies! Qui n'a pas versé une larme pendant la scène du discours dans "The Great Dictator"?) me fit voir les clowns sons un regard nouveau et me donna ainsi la confiance de ne pas écouter les "bullies" et d'être fier de mes pitreries.
Une moitié de trentaine d'années plus tard, les Ludochons maudissent peut être mon héros, fatigués comme ils le sont de leur anglais fétiche. Mais c'est chez les Ludochons que fus en ce jeudi soir de fin de fête de Noël, et où je joua à "Charlatans de Belcastel" et "Planet".

Charlatan de Belcastel est un jeu à la limite du deck Building et un parfait entraînement dans la "force" pour assurer la victoire dans une campagne des contrées de l'horreur JcE. Aussi connus sous le titre de "stop & go" le principe est de collecter différents ingrédients afin de fabriquer les meilleurs potions sans qu'elles n'explosent pour faute d'overdose d'ingrédient instable. L'idée étant donc de pesé le risque d'ajouter encore des ingrédients pour améliorer le scoring d'une potion, contre le risque de faire un trou dans le plafond. Le fait que j'ai gagné la partie prouve, une bonne fois pour toute, que les Anglais savent cuisiner!

Planet, quand à lui, est un jeu de euh... "Planet Building" où l'on est en compétition avec ses adversaires pour créer la plus vibrante des planètes. Le fait que je gagne ici aussi prouve que je suis le meilleur dieu ?

Sur ce mes chers adorateurs, je vous souhaite de passer de merveilleuses fêtes et à Jeudi!

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