As I sit at my desk after a nice meal of pasta (cream, bacon and a topping of grated cheese but really you should stop being so nosy about what other people eat) I settle down into the usual routine of an e-sport show for my ears and a manga (more accurately a manhua this time) for my eyes. Then suddenly I am startled out of my reverie state, induced by the lull of a simple fantasy setting in a martial art world and the screams of the casters growing uncomfortably excited at the sight of professional prowess in a video game.

The startling ? Caused by my phone reminding me that in 10 minutes a group of women and men would be reuniting around multiple tables of varied states of disrepair to play boardgames. However, what certain... For the sake of propriety we will call: Less logically minded and uninformed, people are calling a Chinese weapon is affecting the world and preventing, among other things, our little club from officially gathering. So... What can I, as an unofficial English correspondent of the Gamerkin activities, talk about when they aren't... Activating ? Well for one thing, you could nuke France as much as you like, or other less violent catastrophes if you so prefer like a fluffy pink fuzzy unicorn Tsunami, and still the members of the Gamerkin would play games.

Ludochons  2012 !, juin 2020 A long time ago (2012) in a galaxy far, far away.... So it seems !

Somehow, even though our members are in the lower half of double digits, I believe them to be wholly guilty for the massive explosion of online board game website users. Impossible you say ? Preposterous ? Well I have no doubt that many of our sleezy members created multiple personas from all around Europe just to be able to play more games of this or that through the web! I mean did she really think she was fooling me ? Suzellina del Arte... Come on! At least try to create believable fake identities Magali. I digress, other than these websites, and other virtual platforms, now that quarantine has been relaxed the Gamerkin have returned to a more traditional version of gathering: Going to each others homes.
I am thus comfortable in my little cave that, geographically, all around me lounges, kitchens, torture basements are being used to ritualistically open boxes and sigh at the sound of cardboard brushing against cardboard. Then they will proceed into wholeheartedly focusing at the total annihilation of the degenerate scum smiling at them thinking they could possibly score a single point against them in Keyflower! Do you score points in Keyflower ? Anyhow...

The point is even though I have abandoned my Gamerkin friends to return to my own roots of being a giant video game nerd, I am happy and content knowing boardgames will never abandon them. Except hopefully Quartemaster. Screw that game.